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2020 China Cancer Specialty Drug Payment Report released, foresees the development path of medical insurance industry integration

With the continuous advancement of the "Healthy China 2030" strategy, the multi-level guarantee model is becoming a new trend. How to link all walks of life to jointly help has become the focus of attention of the industry. On September 21, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, China Re Life, Magnesium Health, and BCG jointly held the "Building a Multi-level Medical Security System Summit Forum-and the 2020 China Cancer Specialty Drug Payment Report Release Conference", and 200 industry elites Discuss together the challenges and opportunities of a multi-level medical security system.

The Fifth China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Investment Conference held to help pharmaceutical innovation and development

China News Service, September 30. On September 27, the Fifth China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Investment Conference (hereinafter referred to as the "Venture Investment Conference") was held in Suzhou Industrial Park. This conference is co-sponsored by the China Association for the Promotion of Pharmaceutical Innovation (hereinafter referred to as "China Association for the Promotion of Pharmaceuticals"), China Medical Device Industry Association, Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Overview of the research and development of obesity drugs and market prospects

Obesity refers to excessive total body fat content and/or increased local content and abnormal distribution. It is a chronic metabolic disease caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Obesity mainly includes three characteristics: increased number of fat cells, imbalance of body fat distribution, and local fat deposition. According to the latest research on BMI trends in all countries around the world measured on the weight and height data of 128.9 million children, adolescents and adults, the prevalence of obesity in most countries around the world has increased between 1975 and 2016.

The pharmaceutical industry has been improving for a long time, and the leader has gradually entered the value range

Based on the long-term growth of the pharmaceutical industry, GF Fund will deploy the second actively managed pharmaceutical theme fund on October 13th-GF Pharmaceutical Health Hybrid. The proposed fund manager Wu Xingwu said that the long-term logic of the current round of the pharmaceutical market has not changed. In the long run, in the sub-industries such as the innovative drug industry chain, medical services, and high-end equipment, outstanding companies have room and room to become bigger and stronger. opportunity.

Add new weapons to diabetes treatment! Hua Medicine's world's first innovative drug, dozaglietin, obtained the "Drug Production License"

Today, Hua Medicine announced that after the review of the Drug Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) system and on-site verification, the company has obtained the world’s first innovative drug under research, dorzagliatin (dorzagliatin) issued by the Shanghai Drug Administration. "Drug Production License".

Migraine prevention CGRP receptor small molecule antagonist is expected to be approved next year

Biohaven Pharmaceutical announced today that the US FDA has accepted the company's recent supplementary new drug application (sNDA) for the preventive treatment of migraine for Nurtec ODT (rimegepant), and it is expected to respond in the second quarter of next year. Nurtec is a small molecule CGRP receptor inhibitor. The press release pointed out that Nurtec is expected to become a unique treatment that can be used for both preventive treatment and acute treatment of migraine.

Pharmaceutical Venture Capital Conference: The next five years will be a key opportunity period for the transformation and upgrading of China's biomedicine

In-depth focus on industrial policies, global pharmaceutical R&D trends, and investment and financing trends, comprehensively discuss global pharmaceutical innovation development trends, and discuss new developments in biomedical investment cooperation. On September 27, 2020, the Fifth China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Investment Conference (hereinafter referred to as "Venture Investment Conference") kicked off in Suzhou Industrial Park.

New oncolytic virus shows early efficacy

Today, the American biotechnology company Replimune announced that it will announce the Phase I clinical progress of two oncolytic virus (OV) therapies at this year’s SITC annual meeting. The first-generation HSV oncolytic virus RP1 combined with Opdivo produced a higher response rate in several skin cancers. Among them, 87.5% of the ORR was generated in CSCC and 62.5% was CR, including remote tumors without direct injection of OV.

The new crown epidemic stimulates biomedical innovation. Can domestic pharmaceutical companies "lead"?

The new crown epidemic has swept the world. Although the traditional Chinese medicine and medical industry faces many challenges in the epidemic, the domestic epidemic has tended to slow down and the epidemic is still spreading abroad. Today, there are more views regarding the epidemic as a long-term opportunity for the industry in the future. However, the relevant industries with visible market changes are mainly concentrated in the short-term incremental areas after the outbreak, such as testing kits and protective products.

Study finds vitamin D makes cancer patients live longer

The research results show that vitamins have significant benefits in addition to promoting bone health. The research results were published on June 3, 2019 at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (American Society of Clinical Oncology) annual meeting.
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